Benefits of Fostering a Pet During COVID-19

COVID-19 quarantine regulations forced animal shelters all over the world to adapt quickly. From drastically reducing animal intake and restricting staff presence to doubling down on finding fosters, animal welfare organizations truly have their paws full.

The good news is, generous dog lovers rose to the challenge and opened their homes to pets in need. USA Today reported that adoptions skyrocketed in April. Some shelters even managed to clear out all of their pens.

You’ve probably seen some of the posts making the rounds on social media promoting shelter pets seeking a forever home. But if those posts haven’t convinced you to foster a pet, maybe this one will! Here are just a few of the benefits of fostering a pet during COVID-19 (plus a service that delivers foster pets and supplies to those unable to leave their homes).

The benefits of fostering a pet during COVID-19

The first benefit of fostering a pet during COVID-19 is pretty obvious: your kindness saves a furry little life! The tragic truth is, the coronavirus isn’t just restricting shelter operating procedures. An animal rights watchdog reported that stay-at-home orders put more animals at risk of euthanasia.

This is just one reason why animal welfare groups everywhere, including the Humane Society of the United States, are urging people to adopt or foster a pet. Granted, fostering is a temporary solution, but it keeps pets safe in a time when so many shelters struggle to care for them.

Living with a pet also improves your physical and mental health in countless ways. Studies show that pet parents live longer on average compared to families without four-legged members. Bonding with a pet boosts your immune system, increases serotonin levels, and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Our fur-babies also provide a much-needed distraction from the never-ending barrage of bad news. While it’s important to stay informed, it’s equally important to safeguard your mental health and take breaks when you need them. And what better way to escape all the anxiety-inducing headlines than with a good game of fetch?

Here’s a benefit of fostering a pet during COVID-19 you may not have considered: a more mindful outlook on life. Mutts are the masters of zen. When they’re out for a walk, they’re fully engaged with their environment, relishing all the wonderful sights, sounds, and sensations. When you follow in your foster pup’s pawprints and make an effort to stay present, you just might find you feel a little more relaxed.

These are just a few benefits of fostering a pet during COVID-19. We have no doubt you’ll discover countless more on your journey as a foster pet parent!

Wag! makes it easier than ever to foster

With travel restrictions and quarantine measures still in place, visiting a local shelter isn’t always possible. The same is true for going to the vet or the pet store to pick up essential medicine and supplies.

Wag!, the on-demand pet care services platform, saw that need and worked quickly to fill it. In March, the company launched Wag! Now, an initiative that provides socially distanced pet transport and supply delivery services. No need to brave this new socially distanced world for dog food and medicine!

The real treat, though, is that Wag! Now — in partnership with’s #stayhomeandfoster initiative — delivers foster pets right to your doorstep. You don’t even need to lift a finger to welcome a woofer into your home. (Well, except to open the app.) Wag!’s long-standing partnership with GreaterGood has also provided millions of meals to shelter dogs since 2017.

The benefits of fostering a pet during COVID-19 know no bounds. Your generosity ensures the safety and comfort of an animal in need. And you’ll reap the rewards of their companionship, too. So lend a helping paw to the four-legged citizens of your community and #stayhomeandfoster. In a world where so many of us are unable to see family and friends, we could all use a little extra love in our lives.

Visit Wag!’s COVID-19 Resource Center to learn more about the #stayhomeandfoster initiative and how the pandemic affects your pet.

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