$ 22.00

We’re not going to hide the fact that we’re suckers for a beast in a bowtie.  We don’t need a birthday or a special occasion to reach for one - pretty much any day that ends in “y” will do.  But when the air gets crisp and we get that first whiff of pumpkin spice in, well, everything, we lose our minds!  WE WANT PLAID!  And we want it in a bowtie - stat! 

Can’t decide on one?  You can use our technique for conquering the holiday dessert table - take one of everything and say they’re for friends.

To wear, simply slip collar through the elastic back on bowtie.

Small:  length 3 3/8", fits collar up to 5/8"

Medium:  length 4 1/2",  fits collar up to 1" 

Care:  Spot clean.  Lay flat to dry.

Material:  100% Cotton