$ 22
Color: Black Floral

Boy are we suckers for a beast in a bowtie.  Always have been.  Stylistically, a BEAST BOWTIE says so much with so little – simplicity at its finest.  A captivating pop of color, simple floral or classic denim pattern screams, Good evening, I don’t think we’ve met.

Sizing: Small - length 3 3/8" & fits collar up to 5/8" Medium - length 4 1/2" & fits collar up to 1" 

Materials: 100% cotton.

Directions: To wear, simply slip collar through the elastic back on bowtie. 

Care: We made sure our products are easy to clean because let's face it, our beasts can be messy! 

1. Spot clean with a damp wash cloth or paper towel.

2. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. Always make sure to air dry! 

3. Lint roll to remove unwanted dust or hair. 

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