$ 12

If you’ve watched Frosty The Snowman lately **SPOILER ALERT** you know that the one place he can’t survive is inside!  And the simple fact that cats live inside, means that cats and snowmen can never be friends.  Until now!  We’ve created the BEASTBALL SNOWMAN - the perfect winter pal for your joyful little beast.  Start your own holiday fun with a sprinkle of our enchanting organic catnip over our BeastBall Snowman (Frosty put on his hat to come to life) and let the pouncing, chasing, winter zoomies begin.

Size: 2.57"

Materials: 100% Wool, 100% Organic Catnip, & lots of love.

Sourced from New Zealand, our wool is known to be the whitest and cleanest wool in the world.  All of our wool products are hand crafted, non-synthetic, eco-friendly and biodegradable making them completely safe for pets.

Care: We made sure our toys are easy to clean because let's face it, our beasts can be messy! 

1. Spot clean with a damp wash cloth or paper towel.

2. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. Always make sure to air dry! 

3. Lint roll to remove unwanted dust or hair. 


Made in Nepal.

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