The ZEN BUNDLE includes 1 cream lavender bedtime bear with a mint polkadot bow and 1 bottle of Prospect Farms Calm CBD. The difference between each bundle is the dosage of CBD. Please reference the dosing section to know which bundle is best for your beast! 

Lavender Bedtime Bear:

Size: 6 1/2" x 9 1/2"

Materials: Polyester Sherpa, Natural Lavender Flowers, Recycled Polyester Fiberfill, & lots of love. 

Care Instructions:  We made sure our toys are easy to clean because let's face it, our beasts can be messy! 

1. Spot clean with a damp wash cloth or paper towel.

2. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. Always make sure to air dry! 

3. Lint roll to remove any unwanted dust or hair.