BUCKLE UP EASY HARNESS by Charlie's Backyard
$ 32.00

Color: Grey

We don’t normally use personal testimonials in our product descriptions, but we’re making an exception for one MODERNBEAST employee, our Harness/Leash Tester, Olive.  A spirited chihuahua/squirrel mix, Olive is known to squirm, spin and slip out of most harnesses (and look darn cute while doing it).  So we couldn’t wait for her to give it a test run.

The following is from her report.

“This thing was on and buckled before I was even done stretching!… May contain magical powers as it even holds with my Stop-n-Duck and Slip-n-Spin maneuvers.  Not sure where Mom got this because when I sometimes pretty much all the time all the time  continually pull during the walk, the high density air foam mesh has good ventilation and doesn’t rub under my arms.  Mom says she loves the “control.”  We all know who’s really in control.  I give this
four paws up!"

*Be sure to measure your pup carefully!  There’s no adjusting - which makes this harness so comfortable, fast and easy!

DO NOT FORGET TO MEASURE YOUR BEAST! This harness is NOT adjustable, so there is not much wiggle room in terms of fit. Please email us at hello@modernbeast.com if you have any further questions! 


  • Girth Range10-12"
  • Weight: Approx 4-7 lbs

Small / Medium

  • Girth Range12-14"
  • Weight: Approx 7-9 lbs


    • Girth Range: 14-16"
    • Weight: Approx 9-14 lbs

    Medium / Large

      • Girth Range: 16-18"
      • Weight: Approx 14-18 lbs


      • Girth Range: 18-20.5"
      • Weight: Approx 18-25 lbs


      • Girth Range: 20.5-23.5"
      • Weight: Approx 25-30 lbs