CANVAS RACCOON by Fringe Studio
$ 12.00

We are all for outdoor adventures with our beasts - hiking, discovering, camping - you name it, the wilder the better.  However, when it comes to playing with the actual wildlife that lives in these wild places, we advise against it.  Just ask Louie - a MB Pack original - who tried to make friends with a skunk last year.

Never fear, your beast can still be the hero of their own adventuring with Fringe Studios’ new CANVAS RACCOON!  Sure, it will squeak instead of, well, whatever sound raccoons make, but your beast will live to play another day without enduring repeated baths in tomato sauce.  Louie’s still mad about that.

With this raccoon's cotton canvas body, embroidered appliqué design accents and its raw edge finish, your beast can still be top dog of the campsite.  Now go, adventure safely!

Size: 6" x 9" 

Materials: Cotton canvas & plastic tube squeaker. 

Care: Spot clean as needed.