ROPE KNOT TOY by Ware of the Dog

$ 14

It looks like we may all be Zooming in with friends and family for the holidays, so let’s make the most of it.  AND, let’s make sure that this year, when your beast makes a surprise online appearance, that they’re not holding a ratty old toy (or anything worse)!  The royal blue and white of Ware of the Dog’s ROPE KNOT TOY is an instant classic and their 100% natural cotton rope is perfect for teething pups and stronger chewers.  Enjoy the season and let’s all hope that next year we can all play fetch together!

Size: 3” rope knot and 8” rope

Materials: Non-toxic vegetable dyes, 100% natural cotton rope


1. Surface clean with water 

2. Lint roll to remove and unwanted dust or hair. 

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