At MODERNBEAST, we believe that every companion animal (dog, cat, pure breed, or combo platter) deserves a safe and loving home. This belief became our mission, to create a company that would give back 100% to animals.

The organizations we work with all have the same goal, but how we help each of them is often very different. When we partner with a rescue we aim to provide them with resources to support their specific needs. Whether that is donating dog food, paying for vet bills, or even hosting adoption events at the MODERNBEAST office–we want to make sure that we are giving back as efficiently as possible. 

Throughout the month of February, we wanted to Spread the Love. We have highlighted 8 of the organizations we work with and shared how this month's donations helped continue each organization's mission.


HIT Living Foundation - 

Two rescue dogs in a cardboard box

The HIT Living Foundation is a 100% foster-based animal rescue with a focus on at risk pups here in Los Angeles. In the last three years, they have rescued more than 700 dogs in LA. Recently, they’ve expanded their rescue mission to the Caribbean and are working to offer affordable spay and neuter options.

For our Spread the Love campaign, we are covering medical expenses for two sweet rescue pups. Meet Darwin and Eliza. These senior pups were abandoned in a cardboard box outside of a vet clinic in South LA. Darwin (right) was extremely emaciated and suffering from kidney and liver issues. Eliza (left) on the other hand was extremely overweight, and covered in mammary tumors, including one the size of a tennis ball.

Knowing these two would most likely be euthanized if put into a shelter, our friends at HIT Living immediately scooped them up. We are matching donations up to $1,000 to cover medical expenses for Darwin & Eliza.

Tax-deductible donations can be made via:
Campaign: bit.ly/HITxDarwinEliza
Venmo: @hitlivingfoundation (Heather Crowe // 9611)


Wild Hearts Rescue - 

White rescue dog with pink snoot and pink ears

Meet Wild Hearts Rescue, located in Portland, OR. Wild Hearts works to rescue, rehabilitate, and find forever homes for animal companions. They also focus on raising awareness about animal cruelty alongside the dog meat industry in Asia.

Currently, around 2.5 millions dogs are raised in South Korean dog farms each year, and about 1 million are killed and eaten. Visitors to South Korean dog farms routinely describe them as cruel and inhumane. Dogs are crammed in wire cages, never cleaned, and fed the worst kind of food, including meat from dead dogs and feces.

Working with rescue partners in South Korea, Wild Hearts rescues animals from various situations, provides medical attention, finds foster homes or at times forever homes. Dogs that are at risk of euthanasia and/or haven't had luck finding fosters and adopters are the priority to be flown to the United States.

Upon arrival in the US, each dog is provided a foster pack. This includes a GPS tracking device, safety collar, safety back up clip, harness, leash, food, food bowls, treats, probiotics, monthly heartworm and flea prevention, toys/chews, a bed, blanket, wire crate, and more! Our Spread the Love donation will provide 8 packs for new pups coming into the US.

To learn more about Wild Hearts Rescue and their incredible work, visit wildheartspdx.com


Fix’n Fidos - 

Mom, dad, and young boy meeting a dog

Shelters throughout the country are often over populated and result in the euthanasia of nearly 920,000 animals every year, including 390,000 Dogs and 530,000 Cats.  Overpopulation is often the result of animals not being spayed or neutered. Kacey Montoya and her non-profit Fix’n Fidos work to assist low-income residents of Southern California with spay and neuter surgeries. In addition, they provide financial assistance to pet owners in need to pay veterinary bills so they won’t have to take their pets to a shelter.

Our Spread the Love donation will allow Fix’n Fidos to offer 10 free spay / neuter surgeries to pet parents in need. If you are in need of assistance with your pet, visit www.fixnfidos.com and fill out a request form. Donation can also be made at fixnfidos.com


Ruff Start Rescue - 

Black and brown medium sized dog standing in leaves

Based in Princeton Minnesota, Ruff Start Rescue is a foster based organization that takes in 275-280 dogs, cats, and critters, EACH MONTH! Their mission is simple: "We strive for a world where every companion animal has a safe and loving forever home and their family has the knowledge and resources needed to give them the life they deserve."

Ruff Start is foster and volunteer based, meaning rescued animals are put into foster homes until they are adopted into their forever home. Each pet is provided with vaccinations, spay / neuter procedures, microchipped etc. Advanced medical care is also given for any pup who may need extra attention.

Our Spread the Love donation will go directly to the Animal Care Fund, which will offset expenses for surgeries, medicines, physical therapy, vaccines, and other medications. 

To learn more, view adoptable animals or make a donation visit ruffstartrescue.org


Stray Cat Alliance - 

Tabby cat

The mission of Stray Cat Alliance, founded and led by Christi Metropole - a powerful national advocate for community cats - is to educate, and empower communities to advocate for every cat’s right to be safe, healthy and valued.

We’re thrilled to donate $1,000.00 worth of vaccines for community kitties that arrive through Stray Cat Alliance's TNR work.  TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return to field) has been proven to be the most humane and effective method for controlling community, free-roaming, stray and feral cat populations.  Vaccinating at the time of spaying or neutering allows the cat a healthier life.

Check out the amazing work they do at straycatalliance.org.


Vintage Pet Rescue - 

Senior pug in a wheelchair at the beach

Vintage Pet Rescue is a Rhode Island based retirement and hospice home for senior dogs.  This non-profit is run by two of our favorite humans, Kristen and Marc Peralta (who met in an animal shelter in Los Angeles in 2013).  Their mutual love for senior dogs is the driving force behind Vintage Pet Rescue and they are committed to rescuing vintage (senior) pets from shelters and assisting owners who can no longer care for their senior pets.

We’re thrilled to donate to VPR’s Mighty Max Medical Fund which helps to pay for a dog's medical needs when a family can’t afford the procedure - and they face losing their much loved pet.  Keeping families together is the ultimate gift.

Check out the amazing work they do at vintagepetrescue.org.


Animal Adoption Center - 

Pitbull smiling at a river

The Animal Adoption Center, located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is dedicated to saving the lives of homeless animals through rescue, adoption, education and spay/neuter.  And they mean business!  For example, their Spay/Neuter Wyoming Program - founded and led by Dr. Heather Carleton in 2009, has spayed or neutered over 10,000 animals across Wyoming. 

We’re thrilled to donate to the AAC’s Haggis Fund - a medical fund that helps former adopters and community members who can’t afford the cost of their animal’s medical emergencies. 

Check out the amazing work they do at animaladoptioncenter.org.


A Purposeful Rescue -

White pitbull sitting on grass

A Purposeful Rescue’s mission is to save dogs from high-kill Los Angeles area shelters. They specialize in “magical unicorns.” What, you ask, are magical unicorns? They are dogs who are less frequently seen - they may be shy or shutdown in the stressful shelter environment or have a medical condition and need a little extra care. They’re overlooked and running out of time in shelters. That’s when APR jumps in for the rescue.

We’re thrilled to donate to APR's Beulah Butterbean Fund for Wayward Grannies - a medical fund for seniors (aka grannies) in need of medical care so they can find their forever home and enjoy their golden years surrounded by love and treats.

Check out the amazing work they do at apurposefulrescue.org.

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