EASY LEASH by Charlie's Backyard
$ 22.00

Color: Yellow

How often do you find one product that meets ALL your needs?  Never? Think again! The brilliant folks at Charlie’s Backyard - a long time favorite of the MODERNBEAST pack - have done the impossible.  Need a long leash for strolling with your beast? Need a short leash for crossing the street or making your way through a packed sidewalk?  Need both hands to pay for your morning latte or go on a run together? The EASY LEASH can do it all.  At 160cm (approx. 5’ 3”), adjustable to 90 cm (approx. 2’ 11”), maneuvering over quiet or busy terrain with your beast is now only one, quick adjustment away. Jogging or paying for your coffee is another simple adjustment and the leash is around your waist, allowing the use of both hands.  Now, if only the EASY LEASH could bathe our beasts...

Size: The adjustable leash is 0.6" in width and 35-63" in length.

Care: For laundry, hand wash with a mild detergent. Lay flat to dry. 

- The Easy Leash is recommended for dogs weighing less than 28lbs

- When connecting the handle of the leash to a fixed object such as a pole or a bench, please be careful as there is a risk of product damage if your dog suddenly jumps out.

- Be sure to push the buckle all the way to tighten it. Please make sure it is completely inserted.