Our story, like many, starts with two strong, driven, compassionate, animal-loving women.  Lona, our founder, was working as a writer in Los Angeles, having left Minnesota after college to write for television and film.  Hope, our CEO, was working as a graphic and swimwear designer, having left Nebraska for college in Los Angeles.  A shared passion for dogs and creative kismet brought them together while both were organizing a fundraiser for Best Friends Animal Society. 
Lona and Hope soon discovered their shared belief that that every companion animal (dog, cat, pure breed, or combo platter) deserves a safe and loving home.  Their belief soon became their mission – to create a company that would give back 100% to animals.  MODERNBEAST was born.
We’ll save the birthing details (long days, nights, weekends, wine and whiskey) because it all became fuel for the MODERNBEAST mission. A) Design and create contemporary, high quality toys, apparel and home goods for dogs and cats with a refined sense of adventure. B) Manufacture our products using only the highest quality materials available. While we work to manufacture our entire line in Southern California, a selection of our wool products are hand felted in Nepal. C) Give back 100% of profits to 501c3 animal charities.
Hope and Lona designed the MODERNBEAST give back as simply as possible. After the costs of doing business (paying employees, suppliers, manufacturers, shipping, rents, etc.) the profits, 100% of it, is given to 501c3 animal charities. 

If you’re looking to foster or adopt, our Featured Charities (see below) are a great place to start!



Do you know an amazing animal charity you think we should know about?  We would love to hear about them!  Send us a link at hello@modernbeast.com