FIELD X-LEASH by Charlie's Backyard
$ 22.00 $ 25.00

Color: Navy

Looking for a leash to match your beast's new FIELD X-HARNESS?  Hoping to find a leash that is adjustable?  Well, you can stop looking!  Charlie’s Backyard - a long time favorite with the MODERNBEAST pack - has done it again by mixing simplicity, functionality and style in their FIELD X-LEASH.  

The Field Leash is adjustable from 39-79" with a simple buckle.  You can easily connect your dog to different objects, making outdoor activities with your dog safer and more convenient. 

Width:  .8"

Length: 39-71"

Care: Hand wash with a mild detergent.

- When connecting the handle of the leash to a fixed object such as a pole or a bench, please be careful as there is a risk of product damage if your dog suddenly jumps out.

- Be sure to push the buckle all the way to tighten it. Please make sure it is completely inserted.