$ 22.00

Color: Wildflower

Like Mother Nature, offering her rich array of flowers as the first signs of spring, our FLORAL BANDANAS represents our nod to the coming of spring and summer.  It’s a time for all beasts - big and small, long and short, fluffy and sleek - to shine.  Elegant and modern, our FLORAL BANDANAS brings out the true, natural beauty of every beast.  

MODERNBEAST was the first to redesign the bandana - with longer ends for quick and easy tying and pre-folding for a picture perfect look every time.

Materials: 100% cotton & lots of love.

Care: We made sure our products are easy to clean because let's face it, our beasts can be messy! 

1. Hand wash cold.

2. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. Always make sure to air dry! 

3. Lint roll to remove unwanted dust or hair. 

X-Small - Length: 16.25"  Width: 3.75" before folding Fit: Fits necks up to 8"

Small - Length: 20.5"  Width: 5.5" before folding Fit: Fits necks up to 13"

Medium - Length: 27.5"  Width: 8.75" before folding Fit: Fits necks up to 19"

Large - Length: 33.25"  Width: 10.25" before folding Fit: Fits necks up to 25"