Paw Towel
$ 10.00

This 100% cotton waffle towel pairs perfectly with the No-Rinse Foaming Cleanser. Perfect for a quick wipe down after those muddy paws are fresh and clean.  

* 100% Cotton: Skin-friendly, absorbent and breathable fabric that is gentle & non-irritating to the skin 
* Waffle Weave: Offers exceptional moisture-wicking and absorption qualities, surpassing traditional flat weaves, making it the ideal choice for drying wet paws. 
Size: 12 x 12 inches
Care: Wash in cold water using a delicate cycle or hand wash in cold water. For best results, hang dry to prevent any potential shrinkage. Please note due to the waffle weave pattern & natural fibres, it is normal to experience slight shrinkage after the initial wash. To minimize shrinkage, wash towel in cold water and avoid high heat during the drying process.