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All beasts love adventure - from a walk in the park to a hike in the mountains. Now you can show the world the kind of adventures - and just plain fun - you love to share with your beast. Personalize our neckwear to fit your beast’s personality with your choice of Adventure Badge and then go, take on the day!

To Adhere:

1. Place your pet patch on desired fabric,  embroidery side up. 

2. Place cotton fabric over the patch. 

3. Iron over patch on high  for about 30 seconds. Caution: if ironing on poly or blend use highest appropriate temperature.  

4. Turn fabric over and iron inside of garment under patch for about 30 seconds. 

5. Suggested additional step: hand stitch patch in place for added security. 

Modern Beast

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Designed to Give Back 100%

We create contemporary toys, apparel and home goods for dogs and cats with a refined sense of adventure and their guardians with an eye for design. And the best part? 100% of MODERNBEAST’s profits go back to animals in need. What does that mean? After our cost of doing business, our profit — 100% of it — goes to our Featured Charities — 501(c)3 animal welfare organizations—to help with the incredible work they do every single day.

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This adorable beast isn't available for adoption...but if you're looking to foster or adopt, our featured charities are a great place to start!

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