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Does your dog love Halloween?  Does your dog love playing ball?  Well, prepare to blow their haunted little minds!  Our BeastBall Skeleton is a densely felted wool ball, featuring a spookily adorable skeleton face.  Toss, hide or fetch until the Great Pumpkin finally arrives!  Happy Howl-oweeeeen!

*Shipping Oct 6th

Size: 3" 

Materials: 100% wool felt & lots of love.

Sourced from New Zealand, our wool is known to be the whitest and cleanest wool in the world.  All of our wool products are hand crafted, non-synthetic, eco-friendly and biodegradable making them completely safe for pets.

Care: We made sure our toys are easy to clean because let's face it, our beasts can be messy! 

1. Spot clean with a damp paper towel or wash cloth.

2. Lay flat to air dry.

3. Lint roll to remove hair or dust.