On this GIVING TUESDAY we would like to share how and why we give.  Believe it or not, Paul Newman was the inspiration behind our giving model. When he started Newman’s Own, he said he wanted to “Give it all away.”  We follow his inspiring lead by giving back 100% of our profits to animals in need.  At MODERNBEAST, we walk the rescue walk with all of our adopted beasts and we talk the rescue talk to all we meet.  We’re honored to support incredible animal organizations and the life-saving work they do every single day.  

What does 100% mean?  After our cost of doing business, our profit - 100% of it - goes to our Featured Charities (501c3 animal welfare organizations). Pretty simple.  It’s our mission and our passion.

*Beulah – a gorgeous senior - was saved by A Purposeful Rescue and adopted by our founder, Lona.  She was a loved and well-spoiled member of our MODERNBEAST PACK for 2 glorious years.


MADE IN AMERICA: All of our products are proudly made in the USA.  Our manufacturers are small, often family-owned businesses, where employees are paid fair wages.  Local production allows us to have full control at every stage of production - as we design, source and create. 

DESINGED WITH BEASTS IN MIND:  Inspired by our own beasts, in our own homes, we design things we love and use ourselves.  Our thoughtful designs celebrate the bond between guardian and beast – whatever size, shape, breed or combo platter they may be.

OUR FEATURED CHARITIES: If you’re looking to adopt or foster a new beast in your life – please check out our about page to see our 2019 Featured Charities.



THANK YOU to all who have supported MODERNBEAST this past year.  Now go, spoil your beast!

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